In The News
Cultural Organization Pushes Back Against BDS by Providing Behind-the-Scenes Support
Spring Newsletter
Santana Dispels Prior BDS Rumors
A Year in Review 2015
Musicians: Boycotting Israel Fans the Flames of Conflict
“I won't risk my life in order to perform in Israel.”
Suzanne Vega’s Israel ‘Horizon’
CCFP Holds First Industry Event
J.K. Rowling, Daniel Battsek & Other Brits Write Open Letter Opposing Cultural Boycot
Press Release
Why Roger Waters fails to sway prominent musicians into boycotting Israel
Bridges, Not Boycotts
Israeli musician Riff Cohen receives "big, huge hug" from Turkish fans
Biting the BDS bullet
Rather than recognizing the power of the arts to bring people together, BDS unfortuna
Recent actions of BDS groups expose discriminatory, anti-Semitic underpinnings
The Matisyahu Israel boycott controversy, explained
Chicago, local hip-hop artists to promote peace at concert
Jerusalem Season of Culture Aims for Diversity
Israeli teen becomes new face of Christian Dior
Producer Jerry Weintraub Dies at 77
Bernard-Henri Levy: A yellow star for the Jewish state?
INTERVIEW: The BDS Movement is a form of censorship
Is Thurston Moore Opposed to Israel's Existence?
Boycotting Red Sea Festival sends an unjust message
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