In The News
Rolling Stones join list of rockers playing Israel
Natacha Atlas
Cyndi Lauper just wants to bring people together
Waters Vs. Israel
Israeli singer proves surprise hit in Yemen
Bringing Hollywood to the Holy Land
Music industry comfortably numb to Roger Waters' bigotry
A Special Thank You from Scarlett Johansson to YOU
A Note to Roger Waters
Clearing the Air
Apartheid in Israel? Hardly.
Israeli Dance Takes Center Stage
2013, the year Israel took Hollywood by storm
Endemol Confirms 33% Stake in Israel's Reshet
Israeli-Iranian DJ group spins for peace in Berlin
Israel's Innovative Singing Competition 'Rising Star' is Coming to America
Homeland’ Creator Gideon Raff: There Will Be More ‘Prisoners of War
Blues making inroads into Israel
Exclusive: Sir Tom Jones condemns Israel music boycotts
First-ever US TV series to be filmed entirely in Israel
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