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Who We Are

The Vanguard initiative is committed to educating the next generation of entertainment industry leaders about the challenges facing Israel and the Jewish people today.

Through engaging conversations with Jewish thought leaders, networking events, and mentorship opportunities with entertainment industry leaders, we create a space to explore these issues and develop meaningful strategies for taking action.

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To become a member of the Vanguard group, please submit your name and information here.

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How To Support

By committing to as little as $18 a month (just $0.60 cents per day) your tax-deductible donation will help support our mission of bringing like-minded entertainment professionals together in support of Israel and the Jewish people. Together, we’ll strategize to counter antisemitism and work to combat the cultural boycott of Israel. Helping to support this mission is more critical now than ever.

Being a supporter has additional benefits:

  • Receive discounted tickets to our annual gala and other events throughout the year
  • Gain access to exclusive meet and greets with high-profile entertainment professionals
  • Receive detailed briefings in times of conflict to help you communicate with your network
  • Receive regular confidential newsletters
  • Become more equipped with tools and narratives to discuss the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and antisemitism

Not in LA? No problem:

You can always join us virtually, as you will have access to our exclusive video content and the ability to re-watch our events online at any time.

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All donations are tax deductible