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We are an organization comprised of prominent members of the entertainment industry who promote music and the arts as a bridge to peace, support artistic freedom, and counter the cultural boycott of Israel.


Top Entertainment Industry Executives

sign open letter supporting Lincoln Center and denouncing Boycott Israel Movement.


300 leading actors, entertainers, and entertainment executives, including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Shwarzenegger, Seth Rogen & Sarah Silverman, signed our “Commitment to Peace and Justice” ad during the 2014 Israeli-Gaza conflict.


Ziggy Marley

"We are strongly connected to the history of Israel and feel a very spiritual and personal connection to that land and the people of that land... and we will continue to have that connection no matter what anybody says or does and continue to support Israel."


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Dame Helen Mirren

“I am a believer in Israel ... I think this is an extraordinary country filled with very, very extraordinary people...The artists of the country are the people you need to communicate with and make a relationship with and learn from and build upon. So I absolutely don't believe in the boycott, and here I am."


Every year hundreds of artists perform in Israel and nearly all of them receive pressure to cancel. Now, boycott supporters have turned their attention to Ozzy Osbourne, Ringo Starr, and Jamiroquai.

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Dream Defenders is misleading rapper Vic Mensa and other artists about Israel

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Grammy-nominated American rapper Vic Mensa recently published an article in TIME magazine wherein he compared the experiences of Palestinians to his experiences as a black man in America. This article,…

Cultural Boycott In The News

The Battle For Cultural Freedom

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By Simon Johnson, Jewish Telegraph As a teenager in Bury in the 1980’s, it was almost obligatory to be a fan of The Smiths. From the moment that the first…

CCFP In The News

Lorde is only the latest: How touring in Israel thrusts musicians into controversy

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By Allison Stewart January 12 in The Washington Post On Dec. 18, New Zealand pop music sensation Lorde announced plans to play concerts in Israel and Russia. On Dec. 24,…

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