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Lionel Richie

"My friends have been trying to convince me to come [to Israel] for 40 years. Now I know why.”


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Entertainment Industry Leaders Stand United Against Cultural Boycott of Israel and In Support of Sydney Festival

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120+ celebrities and entertainment industry professionals to sign open letter in support of artistic freedom and against boycott of Sydney Festival.   More than 120 leaders from the entertainment industry…


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Assertion Israel is a racist state is simply not true

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This month, several editorials have been published and countless toxic comments made on ­social media calling on artists to boycott the Sydney Festival. The reason? The Israeli ­Embassy in Sydney…

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The @parasnowsports are taking place now in #Norway and for the first time, an athlete from #israel is competing. Sheina Vaspi is an alpinist ⛷️ and competed on Monday.

Here she is representing her country 🇮🇱

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On #mlkday , we are remembering this iconic leader who dedicated his life to combating racism and discrimination. Martin Luther King Jr. often cited the similarities between the Black and Jewish communities and was a spokesperson of peace and justice for the Jewish people. ...

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Breaking news as all hostages released and returned to safety. While we are grateful for the safe release of the hostages, the rise of #antisemitism in #America has shaken the Jewish community and much more needs to be done to ensure the safety of the Jewish community ...

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The Washington Wizards celebrated “Jewish Heritage Night” at last night’s game. The Wizards’ second-year Israeli small forward Deni Avdija was the star of the show, appearing in several videos during the timeouts, including one listing his favorite places in Israel.

Israeli pop star Noa Kirel’s music was blasting on the loudspeakers during player warm-ups.

The Wizards’ starting lineup appeared in Hebrew letters on the jumbotron, and Israeli flags were sprinkled throughout the crowd.

On-court performances included dance numbers from Avirah Israeli Dance Company and Dance Yesodot, and the national anthem was sung by Temple Rodef Shalom member Arianna Zuckerman. Throughout the game, Jewish facts were displayed across the video board, including the meaning behind the two stripes in the Israeli flag and a description of babka.

📸: @jewishinsider

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@nickcaveofficial speaks out about the BDS movement and the obsession with boycotting the Sydney Festival because of Israeli support.

#sydneyfestival #dontcancelculture

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Creative Community for Peace says goodbye to America's favorite TV Jewish Dad.

Actor and comedian @bobsaget passed away at the age of 65. He was best known for his role as Danny Tanner in Full House.

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Kiss legend @genesimmons calls out the BDS movement in a recent interview over the movement boycotting the Sydney Festival.

Creative Community for Peace applauds Simmons for his bravery in defending people of all backgrounds and uniting their shared love of the arts.

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"You're punishing young, talented people who have nothing to do with politics"

Kiss legend @genesimmons blasts anti-Israeli activists boycotting the @sydney_festival

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More than 120 leaders from the entertainment industry have signed an open letter released by the non-profit entertainment industry organisation Creative Community For Peace in support of the Sydney Festival and participating artists.

The open letter comes in response to attempts by anti-Israel activists to boycott the #SydneyFestival because the Israeli Embassy in #Australia is sponsoring the performance of a world-renowned Israeli dance ensemble.

The entertainment leaders stand united in rejecting the cultural boycott of #Israel as yet another roadblock to peace and its subversion of art for nefarious political purposes.

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When asked how his Jewishness has impacted his life and acting career, “Spider-Man” star Andrew Garfield said, “The first thing I’d go to is empathy…Because of the ancestral memory of what it is to be persecuted, of what it is to be told that you don’t belong on this earth, that there’s a physical threat of violence and extermination, and how deeply moving it is that we have survived that threat, that can only enhance our empathy for anyone else going through that same kind of injustice and threat of physical annihilation.”

#jewish #acting #inspirationalquotes #actors #spiderman

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An immense loss for the industry and the world. On New Years eve, @bettymwhite passed away at 99. May she rest in peace! ...

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Wishing you a happy new year! 🎊

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Last week, Israeli 17-year old #swimmer @nastiya.gor broke the Israeli record in the 100-meter backstroke, marking her 3rd National Record. 🥇

Congratulations Anastasia.👏 #israel #medal #firstplace #championsleague

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@schwarzenegger has visited #israel several times as a tourist, a entertainer and a governor. He has expressed that he has been a long-time friend of Israel. ...

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