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The Chainsmokers

“We've wanted to come to Israel for so freaking long,”


Let The Music Play

We are an organization comprised of prominent members of the entertainment industry who promote music and the arts as a bridge to peace, support artistic freedom, and counter the cultural boycott of Israel.



"I fed off the people's energy. Can't wait to return."


Ringo Starr

The stop in Tel Aviv is part of global “Give More Love” tour.


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BRIDGES, NOT BOYCOTTS: The BDS movement’s reach goes much further than just pressuring Artists not to perform in Israel

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Facebook Twitter SMS WhatsApp EmailThe Meteor Festival in northern Israel opened on September 6 with dozens of artists from around the world. They included many performers who were pressured to…

Cultural Boycott In The News

The Battle For Cultural Freedom

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Facebook Twitter SMS WhatsApp EmailBy Simon Johnson, Jewish Telegraph As a teenager in Bury in the 1980’s, it was almost obligatory to be a fan of The Smiths. From the…

CCFP In The News

The Epic Battle In Hollywood Over The Holy Land

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Facebook Twitter SMS WhatsApp Email In The City Where Myths Are Made, The Israeli And Palestinian Storyline Is Always In Rewrite. BY BRIAN SCHAEFER March 15, 2018 Throughout the long summer of…

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