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Rock Band BETTY Slams Boycott Groups in Exclusive Interview to CCFP

By December 29, 2016Press Release
BETTY performing in Tel Aviv. Photo credit: Nadav Peretz

Rock Band BETTY Slams Boycott Groups in Exclusive Interview to CCFP

By: Nick Lieber, Editorial Associate and Analyst, Creative Community For Peace


Perhaps best known for their Broadway play “BETTY Rocks” and contributing the theme song to the television show “The L Word,” the band BETTY is fronted by three outspoken and dedicated female musicians who use their art and raise their voices “to strive for a better world through political and social activism,” as Amy Ziff, the cellist and one of the vocalists of the band, told Creative Community For Peace (CCFP).

At CCFP, an organization of prominent members of the entertainment industry dedicated to promoting the arts as a means to peace and to countering the cultural boycott of Israel, we believe that art is powerful. It is humanity’s shared language and allows us to connect on a deep and meaningful level, to encounter new and challenging ideas, and to make positive changes in society. BETTY clearly agrees.

“I think artists and musicians have the responsibility to help society in a myriad of ways,” Amy said when asked what the role of art and artists should be in the world. “We look forward to continuing to perform and host workshops around the world to empower women and girls, as well as people in the LGBTQ community, and to lend our voices for social change.”

BETTY has been fortunate enough to travel around the world, not only in their private capacity as independent musicians, but as American cultural ambassadors.

“We’ve had amazing and unique experiences everywhere we’ve gone,” Amy said. “Argentina, India, throughout Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Mexico…to name a few.”

One place they had never performed — at least until this month — was Israel.

“We’ve always wanted to perform in Israel,” Amy told us before the show. “We are most excited about making a connection with people here in Israel, and we hope that our music and performance resonates with them.”

Connect and resonate, they did. And it won’t be too long before they return.

“We are really excited about the upcoming women’s festival here in Israel,” Amy said, referring to a new project scheduled to take place in October 2017, “bringing together American and Israeli artists for cultural exchange.”

And what do they have to say to those who are opposed to cultural exchange between Americans and Israelis and support a cultural boycott of Israel?

“People that wish to impose cultural boycotts on Israel are either misinformed about the country, or anti-Semites disguising themselves under a mask of “anti-Zionism,” Amy said.

We at Creative Community For Peace (CCFP) greatly appreciate BETTY’s commitment to equality and cultural exchange. We look forward to seeing them continue rocking out around the world.

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