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Letter from Singer Joss Stone After Israel Concert

By August 1, 2016Cultural Boycott

Read the inspirational letter from singer Joss Stone on her performance in Tel Aviv, calling the very idea of BDS counterproductive and discriminatory.

“Dear music lovers !

I just want to make a quick comment on my gig in Israel…

Firstly, I LOVED the experience of playing in this place… Mainly because of the people. Because of their beautiful spirit. Because of their warmth and kindness, their ability to let go and feel. Music did that, not me.

And Secondly I’d like to say how pleased I am when I read comments from people who clearly understand the point of the world tour, and how sorry I am that so many of you had to enter into arguments on whether I should have visited Israel or not. Thank you for standing up for us and our mission at hand.

What we are trying to achieve whilst running from country to country on this literal total world tour is simply to spread love and joy through music. Excluding no one. I do not discriminate.

I’m not trying to make political statements I am just trying to spread good feeling to everyone I can. I do not blame millions of individuals for what their government has chosen. As I hope people don’t blame me and my family for what our government has done. I treat each person the same until given a direct reason not to.

If we want to discount the people of countries that have done dreadful things then we would only have the Antarctic left. ‘He who is with out sin cast the first stone’.

We can not live our lives speaking of hate and sadness and then expect things to become brighter and more peaceful. To condemn those you have never met in the hope for peace is quite simply counter productive. To put it as politely I can … It is a little bit silly. Some may even say foolish.

To dismiss our brothers and sisters of this world because you are angry at a creation of someone that lives on the same land as them is judgmental and actually quite nasty. You cannot feel justified in spreading bad feeling, ever. Maybe some people feel they are helping but please believe me when I tell you you are making it worse.

I understand the reasons people call for a boycott… I understand… But surely you want the boycott because you want peace, surely you want to spout anger because you want peace, surely you fight because you want peace… Well news flash…. Adding fire to fire just makes things hotter.

We are sad because we hear, see and live in amongst such terrible moments. Collectively we must try to hold on to our love for people. All people not just some but ALL! We become as bad as the ones we protest against when our words and decisions are coming from a place of hate.

I know sometimes it’s hard and can seem impossible but please use your love. It’s always there waiting to be tapped into. Don’t brush it to one side because you feel the need to make the world right and you think spreading hate, upset and destain will work… it will only add darkness to darkness. Useful? Nope.

Gandhi would probably word this much better than me but I guess in a nutshell… just be nice.

Don’t punish the general population. It is incorrect to do so and massively unkind.

So… bringing it back… I love my job. I love the people I meet through this musical connection. In every place I have been there has been a massive light and it is found in the people. Always.


Photos taken by Stokography using the Sony A7s”

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