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Reggae star Anthony B performs in Israel for Bob Marley’s 74th birthday

By April 30, 2019Cultural Boycott

Rastifarianism is not a religion but a spiritual culture, explains Anthony

Jamaican reggae sensation Anthony B took to the stage in Israel with performers around the world to celebrate the late reggae legend Bob Marley’s 74th birthday over the weekend with a “One Love” concert.

In an exclusive interview with i24NEWS, he describes the impact of visiting the holy places he learned about growing up.

“And as we say, experience is the greatest teacher, so what you hear about Israel and what you read about Israel — when you come here it’s a different vibration.”

During the concert at the ancient amphitheatre in Caesarea, a video message was shown onstage from Palestinian singer Rami Aman and others in the Gaza Strip wishing happy birthday to Bob Marley and thanking him for his message of peace and love spread through his music.

“We are here in Gaza sending our love and greeting for him and for all,”

“I’m here with a Jewish lady from America, I’m from Jamaica, we’re in Israel, I’m wearing a Palestinian headwrap; so you see it’s all about peace and love, it doesn’t matter where you’re from,” Anthony B said during his interview with i24NEWS Culture Correspondent Emily Frances.

Rastifarianism is not a religion but a spiritual culture, explains Anthony, that believes they are one of the lost tribes of Israel, descending from the first emperor of Ethiopia Menelek,who is thought to be the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba

“The dreadlocks are a holy sacrament taken before Christ never to trim or shave, instead letting the locks grow until the days are manifested,” Anthony explains of the rastafarian custom of growing out their hair into dreads.

He also explains the Rastafarian practice of smoking “ganga” as founded on the belief that the only thing to grow at Solomon’s gravesite was the marijuana plant.

“Everyone who thinks he’s a wise man wants to smoke marijuana because he wants to be as wise as Solomon,” he says in jive.

“Jerusalem, Bethlehem — these places didn’t even sound like a place on earth,” he says in awe of the biblical places he learned about as a child.

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